Reba finally gets a face-to-face meeting with the elusive Mr. Bata, but his idea to have her write commercial jingles has her flustered and frustrated. About to give up on writing a song for an energy drink, Reba hears Lillie Mae hum a quick tune and decides to pitch that to Mr. Bata, as it's better than anything she's developed. But when Lillie Mae realizes at the last possible moment that the tune is from an existing commercial, Reba has to improvise in front of Mr. Bata and the clients. Meanwhile, Sage has written a song for June, and Reba is floored at how talented he is when she hears him play it. Although Reba badly wants to pitch one of her regular songs to Mr. Bata, she instead gives him a copy of Sage's song, while reluctantly accepting a job to write a jingle for toilet paper.